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  • You’re paying a great deal of money for leads without having detailed optics into the ROI to the initial consultation or transaction, in addition to the lifecycle marketing and follow-through to ensure retention, upsells, testimonials, reviews, and referrals.
  • You’re pouring money into marketing and advertising, but you’re not sure which ad spend is actually bringing in business and which is going down the drain.

Ever wish you had a system that helped you 
to maximize the ROI on your ad spend?

  • Specifically, a system that ensures that you’re maximizing the frequency of treatments, the size of transactions?
  • One that could re-engage and win-back past clients?
  • One that could create revenue boosts around holidays to maximize profit year-round?
  • And increase your google and yelp reviews to effectively create a steady stream of free, high-quality traffic to your website and clinic?


Spa Multiplier is a time-proven, data-driven
business-building system that lets you grow your Med Spa on autopilot, without needing to continually shell out more and more money on expensive ads.

Spa Multiplier transforms your business from a hodgepodge of promotions and marketing initiatives, to an automated client booking retention upselling and referral machine!

How? Whereas most marketing teams that our satisfied clients have previously worked with focus entirely on spending your money on ads to get new first-time clients, at Spa Multiplier, we put automated systems in place throughout the entire Customer Journey that let your Med Spa grow predictably, by maximizing the value you get from your existing leads and clients.

We’ve spent over a decade creating and optimizing these systems in hundreds of businesses so that we can offer your Med Spa only the very best. You’re getting battle-tested, data-driven systems for generating more clients, more bookings, and more profit, from the time someone first hears about your Med Spa, to the time they’re referring business to you like crazy…and everything in between.

This assessment will clearly show your med spa’s scores across the 8 key growth and profit pillars!
When you finish, you’ll know exactly where your biggest opportunities are and just where you should start to gain the fastest growth for your med spa!

we know you’re busy!

The time and expense it takes to successfully develop a successful marketing solution from scratch is almost always prohibitively expensive to today’s hard working Med Spa owners.

That’s why we set it all up for you. Then, we make it “plug and play” simple for you and your team, with simple, clear training resources, and industry-leading client support. After all, you should be focussing on providing extraordinary experiences for your clients, not hassling with marketing and technology!

From the moment you register, we lead the way. You simply provide us with key information we ask for in our questionnaire, join us for a few meetings, and we do the rest.

You’ll start seeing results within the first 30 days…guaranteed.

But Spa Multiplier isn’t just another “med spa marketing agency”.

It’s a fully-managed marketing solution that takes the work out of growing your med spa. How? Premium marketing and biz building funnels and systems configured and customized for your med spa by our team of experts so you can focus on what matters most instead of fussing with marketing and tech.


Profit-focussed Scheduler

Our scheduler lets your clients book themselves into treatments at your spa, but we’ve optimized the user experience to minimize hassles for your clients and maximize profit for your spa!

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Full-featured CRM

Keep thorough records of all your past and current clients in one place, including all the treatments they’ve had throughout their lifetime as a client, the total amount they’ve spent, when they’re due up for another treatment, and more!

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Collect Payments

Spa Multiplier features a full-featured payment system that lets you collect money for your spa’s treatments, upsells and add-ons, and more. Plus, detailed reporting gives you a clear picture of your spa’s financial performance!

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Metrics Dashboard

Understand the health of your spa at a glance with spa Multiplier’s metrics dashboard, so you know exactly how well you’re doing, how much cash flow is coming in, and more!

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Email Marketing

With Spa Multiplier, you’ve got a state-of-the-art email marketing machine at your fingertips! Because we’re a premium, managed solution, we get all your branded emails set up for you, configure your various email campaigns, and keep you abreast of your results! But if you want to get in and send emails yourself, we make it super simple to do just that!

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Funnel Builder

Go beyond mere email marketing! With Spa Multiplier, you’ll have powerful multi-step marketing funnels generating more leads, more clients, increasing revenue and profit across the customer lifecycle!

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Create Multi-channel Campaigns

Spa Multiplier allows you to connect with your leads through Phone Connect, Voicemail Drops, SMS/MMS, Emails, and even Facebook Messenger.

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Surveys And Forms

Create dazzling surveys and questionnaires to generate feedback and testimonials, plus liability waivers and all the forms your spa needs!

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Mobile App

Our full-featured mobile app allows you to manage your business right from your phone or tablet!

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This assessment will clearly show your med spa’s scores across the 8 key growth and profit pillars!
When you finish, you’ll know exactly where your biggest opportunities are and just where you should start to gain the fastest growth for your med spa!



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  • Getting a steady stream stream of new clients without needing to shell out more and more ad-spent on hit-or-miss advertising campaigns.
  • Not having to fuss with marketing, technology and sales (#handled!)
  • Getting more consistent first-time bookings, repeat, regular bookings, 5-star reviews and testimonials and referrals with no extra marketing….
  • Being able to open a second (and beyond) location, all while focussing on what you love about your business…

In Short, Imagine Dominating as
the #1 Med Spa in your region!

Let us prove we’re worth it.

Give us 90-days to run our introductory “Shake the Med Spa Money Tree” campaign for you. We promise you’ll see a positive ROI, or you get a full refund. With this done-for-you, multi-channel campaign, we’ll get your past clients back, effectively generating “free” money for you.


don’t just take our word for it…

Here’s what a few of our clients
had to say about working with us!

Dr Lori Greenwald

“Working with Tobin Jarrett and Spa Multiplier has been one of the best investments we’ve made in our business.

Through the strategies and campaigns they designed and implemented, we generated at least an additional $324,241 in revenue for our Med Spa and Vein clinic, just in the first year alone, never mind the follow-on revenue annualized year over year since then!

Tobin and the Spa Multiplier team are professional, honest, and bring a wealth of strategic value to the table. They truly understand the Med Spa business and industry, including the hopes, desires, fears and frustrations of our clientele and were able to re-engage many of our past clients, increase the amount our clients spent with us, and help keep them coming back more often.

I seldom use this word to describe anyone, but Tobin Jarrett is a true “genius” and you’ll be in excellent hands if you bring him and the Spa Multiplier team on to work with you in your business.”

Dr. Lori Greenwald
Vivesse Spa
Bloomfield, CT